Never mind horse meat: McDonalds in new horseshit shocker

Posted: July 24, 2013 in Humour
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Look, OK, I’m sorry. I just wanted to write that headline.


Not lovin’ it … do you want fries with that?

No blame attaches to the Big Mac purveyors. As BBC, Yahoo and other news sources reveal a British woman who attempted to purchase goods from a McDonald’s drive-thru while on horseback then allowed her horse to defecate inside the restaurant, and has been fined.

Greater Manchester Police noted the woman, who has not been named, was in the saddle when she was initially turned away by McDonald’s drive-thru attendants.

According to BBC News, the woman was accompanied by a young girl riding a pony.

The women then reportedly led the horse inside the establishment where it relieved itself on the floor, much to the dismay of fellow diners who captured the scene on their mobile phones.

“Staff had refused to serve the women due to company policy,” a spokesperson for the fast-food giant told BBC News.

“The women then took the horse into the restaurant who ended up doing his ­business on the floor.”

“The incident caused distress and disruption,” the spokesperson continued.

Local police were reportedly called to the scene after the horse defecated.

“The sight and smell of this caused obvious distress and upset to customers trying to eat, as well as staff members,” a representative of Greater Manchester Police said.

“Officers arrived at the location and the woman was issued [with] a fixed penalty notice for causing alarm and distress to other customers and staff.”

McDonald’s policy stipulates that only patrons in a moving car may access the drive-thru services.

“The health and safety of customers and staff is our top priority. For this reason we are unable to serve ­pedestrians, bike riders or customers on horseback at the drive-thru,” a company representative said.

I bet that’s the first time “or customers on horseback” has been added to that sentence …

Meanwhile all jokes connecting “McDonalds” and “shit” are please not to be left appended to this story. Send them instead to “Sue, Grabbit and Runne, Solicitors, c/o McDonalds Head Office, Somewhere.”

And meanwhile #2, the bigger question … who the hell owns a horse in Manchester?

  1. Bill O says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa! It appears there were at least three horses’ asses involved in this incident.


  2. Simon O says:

    who owns a horse in Manchester…erm the Riot Police own plenty of them….


  3. Paul Brixey says:

    Sir Alex Ferguson!


  4. jvdix says:

    Shoudl go well with upcoming GMO fries…


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