By the time you read this, Willie Manning will probably be dead. Do you care?

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Political musings

Willie Manning

Don’t let Willie Manning die until the evidence has been tested properly. Call, write, email, ring a talkback radio station, get in touch with your elected representatives, re-post this on your blog, FB it, Twitter it – he has ONE DAY LEFT.

What passes as justice in the deep south of the USA.

A black man convicted of the murder of two whites on hearsay evidence – evidence since recanted by a convicted criminal (cousin to the defendant) who says he thought it might get him a reduced sentence if he lied – who had previously implicated two other people before he turned on Manning.

Manning, who is a man with NO physical connection to the crime scene who has always claimed vigorously he is entirely innocent – but he is nevertheless REFUSED the right for evidence to be DNA tested with modern techniques despite asking for it to be so for eight long years – and why?


Because it might prove him innocent, that’s why, and might implicate the true perpetrator, but the state of Mississippi prefers a nice clean judicial murder and get the nasty business over and done with rather than worry about whether he ACTUALLY committed the crime. It’s like a Kafkaesque nightmare, except it’s real, and it’s happening today, in a supposedly civilised nation.

Even the Justice Department don’t think the evidence stands up!

He is to be killed on Tuesday. Read the full story below, including the innate racism in his various court appearances, and weep that the land of the free and the home of the brave allows such travesties to continue in the 21st century.

How can Americans tolerate a society like this? How? HOW?

The Justice 4 Willie campaign website can be found here.

I am Willie Manning.

  1. kvertolli says:

    Horrifying and embarrassing that we still utilize this barbaric form of punishment…thanks for raising our awareness….


    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Debate will rage, of course, as to whether the death penalty should ever be used. What is certain, to my mind, is that is should undoubtedly never be used when any doubt over guilt exists. And for them to deny this man the right to re-examine evidence that looks highly suspect using modern techniques is simply unconscionable.


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