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Posted: April 17, 2013 in Popular Culture et al
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Deep in the last millennium, Dear Reader, your fearless reporter scraped a mediocre degree in English and Theology at a then rather unprepossessing English red brick University. The fact that it is now one of the top educational institutions in Europe makes my CV look much better than it really should.

Scraped? Mmhmm. Too much time altogether spent on ale, women, song and politics

Today, the fruit of one’s loins fronts up for a double Science and Arts degree with Distinctions in both. One of only four people in her year to attain that honour. She has simultaneously achieved maturing into a kind, unassuming and well socialised individual with a great bunch of friends, and a new role as Artistic Director of her own Improv troupe, appearing in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Am I impressed? Hell yes I am! Just as I am impressed by the cheery optimism of all the young people I see around us today.

Something happens, sometimes, as we live our lives. We forget the “I can do that!” attitude that comes naturally in youth. Today, the middle aged audience around me is buzzing with pleasure and excitement at the success of their children and grandchildren. Let them remind us all that with belief and application anything is possible.



  1. Congratulations to your daughter, Yolly, and congratulations to you for raising such a gem.


  2. Peter Morley says:

    She’s a beauty!!!

    Well done Yolly (and Mrs Yolly)



  3. Beachbums1 says:

    Congratulations to your daughter!


  4. mlshatto says:

    I’ll add my heartfelt congratulations to you and your lovely daughter. Young people these days are mastering material and meeting challenges that weren’t even dreamed about when I was in university. Last week I was shaking my head in amazement as I read descriptions of the projects completed by our local high school science fair winners. They’re doing research that would have been college senior honors work fifty years ago! Best wishes to your daughter in the years ahead.


    • Thank you! I agree the achievements of young people nowadays are really remarkable. I suppose the crunching power of computers has helped them tackle more complex work than previous generations. Their enthusiasm is wonderful!


  5. rbhexem says:

    Very impressive, indeed! Are you sure she’s yours?


  6. In my family the goal is to make it to adulthood without a felony arrest. Congratulations.


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