Don’t piss off Aussies making fat jokes about Adele, Joan Rivers. Really.

Posted: March 3, 2013 in Humour, Political musings, Popular Culture et al
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This hilarious little clip has been brought to my attention.

It’s Australian comedian and chat show and game show host (busy boy) Adam Hills laying into American comedienne Joan Rivers, for making personally abusive remarks about Oscar-winning singer Adele. It starts with River’s remarks, then Hills lets rip.

Such a wonderful (and appropriate) stream of invective I have not seen in many a long year. Oh yes, this is well done indeed, Dear Reader. I strongly recommend you watch.

And Joan Rivers? If you’ve got any time left on this earth, I strongly recommend you watch and learn.

  1. improperty says:

    Unfortunately blocked in the U.K.,


  2. johnomason says:

    Thanks, Yolly, for this one. Joan Rivers WAS funny, she WAS a great role model for women entering comedy, but, what the HELL happened to her? She’s not funny, she’s mean.


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