Some rock stars or starlets go out, get drunk, and smash cars into people or walls.

Some flash their underwear – or what should be covered by underwear – at the world.

Some vomit on photographers. Swear like troopers. Hit people.

Well, one time pop princess Kim Wilde and her brother Ricky have a night out, head home on the Tube, and regale the carriage with All The Kids In America.

To see the clip, which is genuinely charming and gauche, click the link:

She sounds pretty much identical to the original. So well done on the talent, and well done on being a good sport. Respect.

Wanna remember how good the original was?

A generation of teenage boys fell in love with her eyes, and that haircut. You can see why.

What do YOU think? That's what matters. Please comment!

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