The Dalek Relaxation Tape – very funny absurdist humour

Posted: December 14, 2012 in Humour, Popular Culture et al, Religion
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The Daleks
Ok, there are some really, really really silly people in this world.

And occasionally they come up with absurdist humour. Now I don’t want to go all hi-falutin’ on you, but I do think we should have more absurdist work around to cheer us up. So do yourselves a favour and have a listen to this …

What I just really love is the way this combines Dr Who – surely one of the great British cultural icons – with another modern meme – the seemingly relentless production of meditation materials for all us stressed out modern people who can’t cope any more.

And you know what, it is not only laugh out loud funny, it’s also strangely soothing. Bizarre.

I originally published this last Easter, when I was going to do a long, serious piece about the deeper significance of Easter to us all, but I think this is just as meaningful, in it’s own nonsensical way. So now let me wish you all Merry Christmas, if you haven’t seen it before 🙂


  1. rbhexem says:

    My tension has just gone through the roof!!! Thanks a lot! Happy Easter to you too!


  2. jvdix says:

    Absurdism is my favorite form of humour, and this is not only delicious absurdism but extremely finely tuned satire (my other favorite). Ideal to play over and over while knitting a Dr. Who scarf. Must download.


  3. […] will never quite match The Dalek Relation Tape, but then we all know that stands in a class of its own, […]


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