Spam City

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Humour, Popular Culture et al
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This is a very amusing take on the topic of Spam which as regular readers will know I also covered off a couple of weeks ago.

Sweet Mother is a very funny and well written blog generally, and I recommend it.

Sweet Mother

This is the second spam-themed installment on Sweet Mother.  Mine has a little bit of a twist.  Instead of talking about the spam that comes to my blog or the eerie search terms people might google and end up on Sweet Mother, these are responses to actual junk emails I have received.


No matter what I do, no matter how many times I hit ‘unsubscribe’ these lists have my internet number.  They crank email me day in and day out.  This is just my small way of crank emailing back.


Dear Kohl’s $500 Gift Card,


You are a terrorist.  Honestly, you text me often.  You email me.  You tell me I have a $500 Kohl’s Gift Card in my name and yet, I can see the land mine dressed up as shiny object.  I pick you up or click your link rather and – KABOOOM!  My mac…

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