What you don’t know about hair dye can kill you. Scary story.

Posted: November 26, 2012 in Popular Culture et al
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I think the really important part of this story is the last line. Who knew you could suddenly develop an allergy to something you’ve used many times? I will be doing a skin test religiously from now on. Not that Wellthisiswhatithink often, ever, um, uses hair colour. Er. Harumph.I also think it’s important to note that L’Oreal are co-operating fully. Sad story.

A sudden allergic reaction – is that what killed Julie McCabe?

Family claims hair dye killed mother

An English woman who lapsed into a coma after dyeing her hair at home has died.

According to a report in London’s Daily Mail, Julie McCabe collapsed 13 months ago after an allergic reaction to hair dye.

Mrs McCabe, 38, had been on life support since the October 2011 tragedy. She also suffered heart failure and brain damage and was given an eight per cent chance of surviving, the Daily Mail reports.

Her family blamed the extreme reaction on the chemical paraphenylenediamine in the product, L’Oreal Preference.

The real estate agent died on Thursday.

There has been no formal evidence the hair colour is to blame for the death, but L’Oreal has reportedly offered to help doctors carry out tests on hair dye kit and the gloves used by Mrs McCabe.

Mrs McCabe’s husband Russell, 45, and children Luke, 21, and Abigail, 16, had kept a bedside vigil at Airedale Hospital in Keighley, West Yorkshire, where she was given round-the-clock care.

The Daily Mail reports that Mrs McCabe dyed her hair six-weekly but had never previously suffered a reaction.

On the day of the tragedy she had been rinsing the dye out of her hair after the recommended 20 minutes when she began struggling for breath, according to the Mail article.

Her family have called for PPD to be banned from home dye kits.

Consultant trichologist Brian Plunkett, who has spent more than a decade researching hair dye allergies, told the Sunday Express: ‘

“This is a tragedy and we have spoken with the family on many occasions over the last very difficult year.

Allergy to hair dye can happen at any time and skin testing before every colour is essential. Manufacturers must do more to raise awareness and improve protocols of testing.”

  1. lionelsnod says:

    Interesting, I hope that’s not true. What a tragedy. I hope it wasn’t something as silly as dyeing ones hair that caused this. I’ll be interested to hear how the tests turn out. Hair dye, wow! Thanks for posting.

    Paul R. Hewlett


  2. I’m plucking gray hair from my scalp on a daily basis. Better stick to it.


  3. jvdix says:

    Anyone who has allergies probably knows how easily they can be picked up suddenly. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s only those of us who have multiple allergies who are aware. Like those of us who are allergic to both soy and peanuts knowing we need to be careful of all legumes, so really restricting how often we eat lentils, limas, favas, kidneys (the beans I mean), and garbanzos, so the immune system won’t realize they are kin and decide to take them out too. I realize it’s tougher to be aware when one doesn’t have any known allergies.


  4. tracy thompson says:

    I dyed my hair on August 24, 2014 with Clairol Natural Instincts and I almost died. I now am living with a lot less hair, no sebaceous glands, no sweat glands (in scalp), and brain damage. I have had a hard time getting anyone (including dr.s) to believe me. They all say it must be something else…”what could it be”. Well it WAS the hair dye and now my life is much different. I want people to know!


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