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As everyone knows, I am seriously interested in this topic. And this is a very helpful contribution. The story encapsulates perfectly the pain and pressure felt by the “survivors”  of Alzheimers: The families that are “left behind” as an Alzheimer’s patient retreats inwardly. So does the raw, terrifically honest song.

I recommend you to click on the link above and to read and watch. Even more, I recommend you work to ensure Alzheimer’s research keeps up with all the “sexier” research funding choices around.

Ronald Regan died of Alzheimers

I wonder what the Gipper would have said?

See, Alzheimers isn’t sexy. We keep its effects hidden, behind neat suburban doors, and in nursing homes.

As a disease, it stinks. It sucks. There is no upside, no recovery. The outlook is simply awful. And it frequently strikes down leaders, intelligent people, creative people – the best we have.

Imagine the productive capacity that would be unleashed into our world if we could delay its onset by a year – five years – or forever?

But we need to beat it now, or the future for our families, our social services, and our elderly, is bleak indeed.

And I haven’t even heard it mentioned in the US Presidential election yet.

Pity, huh?

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