… are not going to be found on this blog. For Heaven’s sake people, get a grip! Or get a grip and then get over it: enough, already!

On the other hand, look at this:


“What does this all mean?” Yours sincerely, Worried of Tonbridge Wells

OK. Take an old British ten pound note and fold it over.

Notice how Dickens and Her Maj match perfectly – and then how together they create, magically, John McEnroe!

Why? Are the Illuminati involved? And if you read the ten pound note backwards do you hear a secret message from aliens?

I think the people should be told …

PS I really don’t think that French photographer should take any rides in Paris road tunnels anytime soon, what?


  1. Bill Hayes says:

    If you make a fold virtically down through both the queens eyes, then flaten the note again, allowing the folds to stand out a little, then tilt the note backwards and forwards, her Maj frowns and grins depending on the direction of tilt. I thought you ought to know! G’day.


  2. Stacie Chadwick says:

    Nice hook!


  3. […] injunctions and show people Princess Catherine of Wales (aka Kate Middleton) topless and then bottomless worked well to drum up passing trade, though I doubt many of the people who clicked on the links […]


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