Channel 9

Still the one. Just broke.

Fairfax (ie the Age) have done a brilliant job of explaining how Australia’s number one free-to-air TV company have managed to go tits up, which has driven the Twitterverse and Blogosphere into a frenzy in the last day or so.

If you are a businessperson, or maybe just an interested viewer, it’s an excellent example of business reporting. And a salutary tale about … yes, you guessed it … carrying too much debt.


Eddie, for pity’s sake, give us a rest …

Presumably the other solution to 9’s worries would, of course, simply be to retire Eddie McGuire for a while.

Not only would a worn-out audience be relieved, but they would sans doubt save some unknown billions of dollars a year on his salary and perks through this move alone.

Eddie-less airwaves?

At Wellthisiswhatithink, we’d like to see that.

Nothing against the guy personally – he’s a pro, and he’s actually a very decent bloke – we are just thoroughly sick of watching his fizzog!

He makes a roll of film left in the sunlight on Mercury look over-exposed.

  1. mlshatto says:

    Might you mean that he makes the roll of film look underexposed? The comment would make more sense that way, I think. And in a few more years, most of your readers won’t even understand the reference. I have a souvenir roll of Kodachrome 64 in the refrigerator. Last year when the final lab in the world that could process Kodachrome film announced that they would not accept new orders after October 31, I had to decide whether to shoot it and send it off, or keep it forever in its pristine state. I opted for the latter. There is nothing in digital that quite matches the warmth and depth of color of that film. I wonder if, in 20 years, there will be a move back to film as there has been a move back to vinyl recordings.


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