Police brutality? You tell me.

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Political musings
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Is this police brutality? Is it the wary arrest of a dangerous man? Is it over-policing gone mad?

I freely confess I do not like the GENERALISED criticism of police that is so common. My experience in the UK and Australia tells me they often do a thankless, difficult task and do it well. And the tone of this article is relentlessly certain that this is not necessary police force and the officers concerned are part of a broad pattern of abuse.

I am not sure. Despite the obvious violence we do not know enough about the alleged criminal. Perhaps these actions were justified. But I have my severe doubts. And police must be held to the highest standards of behaviour. So. What do you think? Watch the video – about 4 minutes – and tell me.


What do YOU think? That's what matters. Please comment!

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