Debated an invisible President. And lost.

Comments welcome too.

  1. Richard Ember says:

    Oh, you watched it, then?? What did you think was the best / worst bits?? Or do I detect a little ‘bandwagon jumping’ going on here??? ;-))


  2. Richard Ember says:

    What faux pas has Romney just made in his speech? You don’t know, do you!! He said ‘company’ instead of ‘country’. Oh my. Which bandwagon are you heading to now???


  3. rbhexem says:

    Okay. Ya. This was bad. He should stick with acting. Or was he?


  4. Let’s ask the chair. 😉


  5. jvdix says:

    It’s a known therapy method for gaining closure from an unhealed relationship when the other person is dead (or, much less frequently, otherwise unreachable), but therapy for deep issues like that is suppposed to be done in private, or with just the therapist. Heaven knows what he was thinking.

    I really liked President Obama’s very classy response.


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