A spring walk – feel free to download free wallpapers

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Popular Culture et al
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Amazing what one can find just wandering along your own street taking in the evening air on a surprisingly warm spring day.

Like astonishing criss-cross bark on an unotherwise scrubby and rather unimpressive tree. A sudden and unexpected bloom of camellias. Masses of blossom on plum trees. A floor covered by the fallen flowers from another camellia, brought down by a sudden rain shower. Bright yellow pom poms set against the purple of lavender where last week there was nothing. Bright green succulents, masses of five-pointed flowering shrubs, covered in exquisite white flowers set against emerald green.

Out of focus photographs shot with a camera phone, all taken in my own street, on one 20 minute stroll. Artistic value, nil. Spiritual value, inestimable. I think I’ll go out tomorrow too. When Spring is springing, we should take every chance …







  1. These DO have artistic value, although you’re right, it’s the stamp on your soul that matters most.


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