Quick walk before Sunday lunch, anyone?

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Popular Culture et al
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Oh, those crazy wacky Chinese.

Somewhere in a dingy office with a picture of the President on the wall there’s a little guy in a bad suit cackling quietly to himself. “I had this idea to make the floor transparent. So velly funny!”

I love that there is a warning sticker on the handrail. No doubt it says, in Mandarin, “In case you no notice, don’t jump over, long flucking way to bottom likely death here.”

I couldn’t walk here if my child’s life depended on it. Well, maybe I could. But I wouldn’t want to test the theory.


Anyway, it reminded me I wanted to post this link to a really excellent BBC radio show – lasts about 30 minutes – on phobias. I think my fear of edges is perfectly rational. On the other hand, that doesn’t explain why I can stop half way up a hill that 98% of my fellow drivers don’t even consider more than an exaggerated speed hump and refuse to drive any further.

But fear of buttons? Spiders? Travelling on the “tube”?

Suzy Klein

This little show is not only well made and compelling, it includes real hope and advice for all phobia sufferers – it’s packed full of useful information and a good listen.

It’s made by a BBC cultural journalist called Suzy Klein who suffers with claustrophobia, and it is both human and courageous.

I really recommend it if you’re frightened of, you know …. that. Them. In the cupboard. Out there.



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