What the Feck? The world’s worst ever Olympic dive?

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Humour, Sport
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OK, this guy could have been called Braun, Schmidt or Schimmel.

But he wasn’t, he was called Feck. I mean, what are the odds? Taking off from the 3 metre springboard, up, twisty-twirly thingy, down, and flat on his back – splash – in front of the whole world.

It was all over YouTube, but sadly the International Olympic Committee have ordered all copies removed. Boooo! Meanies!

Just hunt, people, if you didn’t see it live, as I am sure it will turn up.

You can also see the incident here in time lapse … For some reason the video has vanished from here, too.

But all this interest does, at least, allow us one final pun.

“Feck. That hurt.”

  1. Richard Ember says:

    One of the drawbacks of HD TV is that you saw his toenail flying off. Urrrgh.


  2. The video has been removed by the user.


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