Raped, then jailed, and refused contraception. I sincerely trust this woman wins a settlement in the millions of dollars …

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Political musings
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… not just against the local authority and the police, but against the individual warder concerned.

Enough of this right-wing religious bigotry determining what we can, and cannot, do with our own bodies. These religious fanatics are every bit as bad as the rabid Islamic-extremist nutters in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

The simple facts: a rape victim – brutally raped – was arrested after police found out she had a warrant for unpaid fines and failure to show at a court against her. (Whoop-di-do. Rape victim. Let’s arrest her for a minor infraction and lock her up in a jail. She’s just been utterly traumatised? Ah, fu*k that, lads. Let’s lock her up.)

She was given two contraception pills by emergency room doctors, one that she took immediately. The other to be taken in 12 hours.

But while in custody, the woman was denied her second pill by a guard who said they would not allow her to take the pill because it went against their religious beliefs.Now a court has ruled the woman has a right to sue.

The full story, as told at examiner.com. My comments in italics.

Rape victim wins right to sue guard that denied her prescribed contraception

Taking a pill


The woman whose name is only known via court records as “R.W.” was brutally raped January 27, 2007 by an unknown assailant. After going to the hospital she was arrested by police on a prior charge and sent to jail. While in custody a guard denied R.W.’s request to give her a contraceptive pill that was prescribed by the emergency room doctor, because it was against their religious beliefs. Now over 5 years later – why so long? Justice delayed is justice denied – a court has ruled R.W. does have a right to sue the guard for violating her constitutional rights.

It is noted in the official court report that after being treated at the hospital R.W. was given two contraception pills, one to be taken immediately and the other 12 hours later. She was then escorted back to the scene of the crime to look for clues. It is at this time the report says it was discovered that R.W. had several outstanding warrants including a failure to appear, and a failure to pay court costs. Because of this reason she was arrested.

She was taken to Hillsborough County Jail and her possessions, along with the second pill needed to guarantee she would not be pregnant with her rapist’s baby, were confiscated. After being booked she was placed into a general holding facility until she could see a judge. This is standard procedure.

When twelve hours passed R.W. asked a guard named in the report as Michele Spinelli, who was in charge of distributing medicine, to allow her to take the medically prescribed contraceptive pill.

Spinelli declined her request, and said that it was because of religious reasons. R.W. pleaded with Spinelli to please allow her the medication, and every time she was told no.

The follow day R.W. was released from jail. She was given her possessions, and she immediately took the remaining contraceptive pill. She was absolutely horrified at the thought of having the rapist’s baby. If contraceptive pills are not taken exactly when prescribed, they can lose 80% or more of their effectiveness.

Because of the guard’s action, R.W. was now, therefore, 80% more likely to carry her rapist’s baby.

As it happens, tests later revealed R.W. never was impregnated by her rapist, but this fact does nothing to change the reality that her constitutional rights were violated while in custody.

The court documents state she is suing for the following reasons: “Bodily injury, pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, mental anguish, loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life, cost of hospitalization, medical and nursing care and treatment, loss of earnings, loss of ability to earn money, and aggravation of a previously existing condition.”

R.W.’s claim is seeking nominal, compensatory, and punitive damages. Good on her.

  1. Richard Ember says:

    Why are the religious fanatics ‘right wing’, Yolly? The element of ‘needing to control’ is far more identifiable with the left, surely? You don’t say where Hillsborough is – Australia, I take it? I didn’t know they were that zealous there.


  2. Joshua Kricker says:

    Right, please tell me again that there’s no right wing war against women? Under what screwed up policy by the police does it allow a rape victim to be incarcerated like this? For unpaid fines? You’v got to be f**king kidding me.


  3. phillip nero says:

    I hope she takes everyone involved to the cleaners and take everything they own and wanted to won.


  4. It never ends until we stand up to the bullies.


  5. Richard Ember says:

    I think there is a war against women generally but even the most superficial glance will demonstrate that it is not confined to the right wing of politics.

    What happened to this woman is clearly wrong. And there should be a lengthy discourse about her rights. Mind you, if she had met her responsibilities, she would not have been in the situation in the first place. Just sayin’.

    Oh, before any ‘wannabe’ asks ‘does that mean she deserves to get raped?’ no it does not and I condemn the criminal that did it unreservedly. I also condemn the way she was treated. But sometimes in life, you have to help yourself too.


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