As we worry about guns – rightly – it is also worth considering …

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Humour, Political musings, Popular Culture et al
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This isn’t going to hurt one iddle bit …

How many fatal medical mistakes in the US each year? About 200,000 per annum. That’s just the ones who die.

Unfortunately, that means that medical mistakes kill maybe seven times or so as many Americans each year as gun-related homicides and suicides combined (30,ooo) and about half as many as tobacco (400,000).

Or to coin a well-worn phrase in the Wellthisiswhatithink household – stay the f*** away from doctors, except in dire emergencies. They are bloody dangerous.

Oh, and no more of this “The American health system is wonderful” crap, “We don’t need your regulated health system blah blah blah” either, okay?

Just a reminder that Doctor’s do NOT know everything. Ever.



  1. Bill Hayes says:

    A great Australian Clive James recently advised us to stay away from Doctors. You go to them with one symptom and they’ll find a whole range of ailments. He is currently suffering from terminal cancer.

    check out his writings here:

    I know it might be tempting fate; but I haven’t seen a doctor in the last 56 years when I swallowed some wheels from a model train as a child. I have been advised, that at my age, I should see one to check me over. I would be too embarrised; given the shape I am in after a life of great food, late nights, stress, smoking, loving and drinking. As the man said..”if I knew I was going to live so long, I would have taken better care of myself..”


    • I know clive’s work well: I love his autobiographies which are laugh out loud funny, and his TV criticism in the Observer remains the best of its type I have ever read.

      As for Doctors …. They have their uses, but I take what they say with substantial doses of salt!


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