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Posted: July 21, 2012 in Popular Culture et al, Sport
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As yet un-named filly, by Soldier’s Tale out of Great Tradition – any suggestions?

My experiences with owning horses have not been happy. I am currently “0 for 2”  in American terms, having bought a lot of oats and paid a lot of vets, but not seen either of my purchases actually get to a racecourse. But I am a sucker for a nice arse. What can I tell you? Look at those hindquarters, will you? She’ll stay for ever, I’m telling you.

Could you resist those eyes? I couldn’t.

Dam: Great Tradition
Sire of dam: Rock Of Gibraltar (Ire)*

Colour: Bay or Brown
Gender: Filly
Age: 1 year old
Foaled: 17 September 2010

(Libra – hmmm –  anyone know anything about horse astrology? She Who Must Be Obeyed is a Libran, so I must like Librans. They get on well with Geminis I am told.

According to one website:

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, and is a cardinal air sign, which is ruled by the Venus. The Libra-sun horse is therefore naturally outgoing, charming and graceful. More than anything, this horse wants to be popular, and will seek to be on good terms with everyone. Your Libra-sun horse will actively go out of its way to initiate friendships. It is important to do activities together that give it a sense of companionship. In building your partnership with your Libra-sun horse, you will come to realize that it is innately indecisive, so will expect you to communicate constantly your intentions. Your Libra-sun horse will go out of its way to please you and accommodate all your demands, so it is important that you appreciate this, and treat it fairly and justly. Your Libra-sun horse will demand, in the most charming of ways that you give as much as it does. This horse’s aim is to seek balance in whatever it does. As Libra rules the kidneys and the lumbar region, the Libra-sun horse is prone to health problems in these areas. Generally this will only occur if your Libran horse’s needs for peace, harmony and fairness within the partnership are not met.

I will be on the phone to the trainer in the morning, insisting he hug the horse a lot. However, I think I am clutching at straws.)


Black, Gold Star, Checked Sleeves & Cap


Stephen Yolland and 19 other incredibly wise/foolish people – too early to say yet.

*PS Last night the footballing powerhouse that is, er, Gibraltar beat the hated Portsmuff 4-0 in a friendly. An omen, or what, huh?

PPS The horse is being trained by Luke Oliver at Caulfield through a great new horse syndication group called Grand Syndicates. They’ve got a really good deal on the go that just about anyone can afford who is in paid employment. If you’re mad enough to want to know more, email me at steveyolland@yahoo.com and I’ll tell you who to speak to.

  1. seems only right to name her after a soldiers tradition


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