You should never have let me get a new iPhone, Dear Reader

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Political musings, Popular Culture et al

I simply love the ability to snap textures that I find interesting as I go around.

I have often thought I should invest in a new camera – you know, one with a lens that resembles a small medieval castle tower sticking out the front – but I am frankly too busy or too lazy to master such a beast. Especially when my phone lets me do wonderful stuff in a second or two, and Photoshop does the rest.

So enjoy these Wallpaper textures, created just for you. (Ahem.) Yes, free desktop wallpapers. Download or share them as you see fit, and if you like them, tell me. If you don’t like them, say nothing, because I will be emotionally crushed.

Autumn leaves

I just liked the way the light was slanting across the middle of the picture, highlighting the one larger leaf. No photoshopping done.


This is a natural (ie un-Photoshopped) but rotated picture of the wall of a club I was in last night, lit by the natural light in the bar. I love the way the white light reflecting on its surface makes it look wet, when, of course, it is not, despite it being dominated by the red light which is predominant.


A very ordinary path, but fascinating in its conformity and even-ness. Well, it is to my eye, anyway.

Dartk Strokes

The same pic, minimally fiddled with in Photoshop with the “Dark Strokes” filter.

The same path, yet again, but this time altered with a filter called “Difference clouds”.

*Points at path* OK, this effect is called “Ripple”, for staggeringly obvious reasons. Very retro.

And this is the same path (bored, yet?) turned into tiles, the size and prominence of which one can choose.

For those of you who like pretty pictures for your desktop wallpaper, here’s another chance to download the fog sculpture I snapped outside the National Gallery in Canberra. I love its ghostly, sepulchral quality.

Another for those who like arty landscape-y ones. This is a cropped, but otherwise untouched, shot of Mount Wellington towering over Hobart, with a fresh sprinkling of snow and some low cloud.It could be the moon, or something unearthly. Fascinating. Looks really amazing on a big monitor.

One of the things I find fascinating is when you go in close on something, and its original meaning or purpose becomes obscured, then when you know what it is, all becomes clear. It’s a methapor for life. Well, it’s a lobster pot on a trawler in Hobart, actually.

And last but by no means least …

OK, enough with the path, already. I was also really interested in this polished concrete floor in the bar I was in last night, watching the fruit of my loins perform in her acting troupe. The flare of light is natural, from a ceiling above, not from a flash, and the picture is un-retouched.

I really like the last one. It’s just sort of weird and interesting, like aboriginal wall art, or something from Africa. And it looks great as a desktop wallpaper, I promise.

OK, I won’t do this all the time, I won’t.  I really won’t.

But when another 200 people get massacred in Syria and we all do, well, not very much at all, it does take one’s mind off things.

  1. rbhexem says:

    okay, in Syria, what can we do? Nothing, except talk about it, like we do.


    • The circuit breaker in Syria, as I argued in the article a year ago, is a safe haven for the head of the Ba’ath party and a guarantee of no prosecution, probably in Russia. It might be distasteful, but the situation will not be resolved without it. Imagine if Assad and his cronies had been gone a year ago, how much suffering would have been avoided. Everyone is saying it now: how come a blogger in Australia could say it 12 months ago? Am I a genius? No – its simply because the donkeys that lead us don’t do anything until push becomes shove. And the civilians on the ground are the ones that pay, with their lives, for our inaction.


  2. jvdix says:

    I have a couple of those myself…


    Of course you planned yours and I didn’t. 🙂


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