On mining Facebook for ideas because one is too tired to think of anything to blog about.

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Humour, Popular Culture et al
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Well, sometimes things just make me laugh, frankly. So as I have stared at a blank screen for long enough to actually get cold and realise I am hungry, I hope they make you laugh, too.

Firstly, why doesn’t the iPhone have this function. Hmmm, Steve Jobs? Hmmmm?

Why does this remind me of so many people?

And this made me laugh out loud. All you can eat diners just attract the best class of patron, don’t they? One Chinese owner clearly had enough …

“Solly, Wonton soup all finished for today. Goodbye, now.”

That’s it for today. Unless I get inspired. Don’t hold your breath, though, OK?

Mind you, apparently anything’s possible with the upcoming iPhone operating system upgrade. There, I was useful to your day after all, wasn’t I?

  1. I love the drunk texting prompt. That screen shot could have saved me more than one embarrassing text that I would take back if I could…


  2. Thanks .I needed a giggle . Having made the mistake of declaring my love at her door drunkenly at 3A.M. ( this was before cellphones,Ipods,and DVD’s ) It was a giggle and a memory : )


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