If you doubt, for an instant, that America is still a racist society, read this story.

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Political musings
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Marissa Alexander … if you want to defend yourself in Florida, you’d better be white and wealthy.

The jury took 12 minutes to convict. 12 MINUTES.

No one died. No one was even hurt.

A woman defended herself against abusive violence by firing a warning shot, in a state where such action is explicitly permitted by law.

Today, she faces 20 years in jail. TWENTY YEARS.

Read the story, and weep that the American justice system still acts like this.


A petition has now been set up to address the case. I urge you to sign it.


Marissa could have got if with 3 years if she accepted a plea bargain but she refused in the hope she could convince the jury and judge her firing the weapon was self-defense.

  1. Richard Ember says:

    How’s Australia getting on with the Aborigines? Considering you have a majuor race problem in Australia I really am surprised you see fit to go around poking at other countries – physisian, heal thyself.


  2. Richard Ember says:

    And I know I have sausage fingers and can’t spell but I haven’t had any tea yet.


  3. Richard Ember says:

    I didn’t think you could actually get more nonsense into this bit but you’ve managed it.


  4. jvdix says:

    I would love to say, well that’s Florida, that wouldn’t have happened in (fill in state), but I couldn’t think of a state where I am absolutely, positively certain that it couldn’t have happened. Certainly West Virginia and North Carolina are not candidates today (after the news from both). So, so sad, and so, so wrong.


  5. Robert Buckey says:

    Hmmm, but when a hispanic shoots a black guy in self defense, black leader like Sharpton howl for his blood.


    • What’s the point? How are the two cases linked?


      • ray love says:

        The problems with Americans is they think that the whole world is like them or aspires to be but they forget that 95% never leave America and of that 95%, 95% never leave their States but I think the biggest thing that seperates them from the rest of the world is the GOP, the Republicans would never get elected in any western democracy because they are so extreme indeed in Europe opinon polls regularly have them trailing 70% to 30% and who would want to live in a country that allows guns to be worn regularly and elects George W twice !


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