The Lazy Way of Doing A Blog Roll

Posted: April 25, 2012 in Humour, Popular Culture et al
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Look. It's a holiday, right? I'm tired.


I am far too lazy to tweak my layout to fit in a blog roll, so I thought I’d reproduce – without asking permission, but that’s what lazy people do – my friend Val’s, who has some wonderful sites on her list. And not just because she’s kind enough to be nice about Well This Is What I Think. (Well, OK, for that reason too.) But to say that while you’re there, you should have a look round the rest of her stuff. Is much goodness.

And also, have a look at this post from another fine blogger, Sweet Mother. It’s just the funniest, laugh out loud best-thing-I’ve-ever-done-first-thing-in-the-morning thing. Well, OK, not exactly the best thing I’ve ever done first thing in the morning, but it’s pretty close.

And I’m not even gay. Or a lesbian.Or American. Or a Mom. But I hear ya, I hear ya.

And have a good Anzac Day, everyone. And if you’re not from Australia, and don’t know what it is, then, well, you should.

Love and Peace,


  1. Don’t you just love Sweet Mother? I’d like to claim to be the one who discovered her, but I’d be lying, and I try to tell the truth most of the time. You must have found me via her, so I’ll try my best to keep up. But not by posting every day. That’s crazy. Thanks for following me…looking forward to seeing what you’re up to!


  2. Well thank you Stephen, that was nice.


  3. Great idea! Now which of my friends blog rolls should I rip off, I mean borrow from? hmmm Thnx!


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