"I can't believe I did that. I'll never be able to show my face at the Womens' All-In Pumpkin Growing Championships again. Mother will simply die of the shame."

OK, over here at Planet Wellthisiswhatithink we know how much you’re enjoying these occasional wading around in the deepest dankest end of the advertising gene pool moments – as they are consistently the most popular posts we, er, post* – so here’s another.

(*Except for the story we ran about Adam and Eve not being real, which went viral, but that’s a one off.)

So here, with all fanfare we can muster – toot! toot! – is number 5 of our series.

And it’s a doozey.

OK, so all y’all need to know that Yass is a real town. “Hi, Yass.”

Whilst a perfectly pleasant place full of perfectly nice people, it is famous for absolutely nothing (except being a good place for a coffee on the road between Sydney and Melbourne) except this stupid billboard.

What we also all need to know is why the idiot art director for MacDonalds didn’t put the ‘M’ on the other side of the sign. But then, if he/she had, then we wouldn’t all be snorting the milk from our rice crispies through our noses right now, so, well, let’s be grateful for small mercies.

I bet there’s some McDonalds signage standards rule that says “The McDonalds Golden Arches will always appear full height on the left in directional signage.” Yes, well. Suck it, bitches. Meanwhile:

Judgement is coming. Be afraid, ad land.

The other Advertising F*** Ups we’ve spotted this year, if you missed ’em.

The world’s stupidest billboard placement: http://wp.me/p1LY0z-gX

Not the holiday anyone would really want: http://wp.me/p1LY0z-hJ

Stores abusing innocent shoppers: http://wp.me/p1LY0z-j8

And my personal favourite so far, the most embarrassingly badly worded headline in history: http://tinyurl.com/7enukvd

Please keep sending them in, and thanks Mark for this one!

We’ll have to have a poll at the end of the year as to which one is the absolute worst, and publish the results worldwide.

It will do nothing to improve the quality of the output of the advertising industry, but it will give us all a good laugh.

  1. I laughed m yass off at that billboard. And yes, I spelled that wrong on purpise 🙂


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