Rush Limbaugh lies? Actually, like, LIES? No, surely not!

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Political musings, Popular Culture et al
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Limbaugh busted

This is what passes for a rich and famous media star in America. It's also what dumb and ignorant looks like.

On his radio show Rush Limbaugh admitted that he has gotten exactly 7 new advertisers to replace the 160+ who have dropped, or no longer want to be associated with his show.

Limbaugh said, “This is the first broadcast week in April. Let’s go back a month. The month of March in the United States opened with the left convinced that they were finally going to drive me off the air once and for all. By the end of the month I’m still on the air with a higher audience, seven new advertisers to replace the five — actually, less than five, that abandoned us and hurt themselves. And in that month Al Gore as fired Keith Olbermann, thrown him off the air and replaced him with Client No. 9. Eliot Spitzer’s taking over for Olbermann and his 56 viewers. (interruption) How does who do what? It’s an audience of 56 people. What do you mean, how does Spitzer do it? How does Olbermann keep getting hired? That’s the question.”

But Rush was not being honest with his audience. I don’t know why he chose the number five, but according to Media Matters the actual number of direct advertisers who have dropped him is 64. According to the Stop Rush Project, the number of advertisers who no longer want their ads associated with his program in any way totals 100. This brings the total number of advertisers who have abandoned Limbaugh to 164. Not five as Limbaugh suggested, but 164.

(Article reprinted from – read the full article here. )

More interesting facts on the spontaneous boycott of Limbuagh can be read here.

Nothing like a few facts to ruin your day, eh, Rush?

What is damn sure is that the whole anti-women focus of much of the American right’s attack on women in this election year – in the midst of the most complex economic situation since the thirties the best they can do is talk about abortion and contraception? – will not be forgotten by American women come November. As the wheel-less GOP bandwagon stumbles along, Obama increasingly looks safer than ever.

  1. Bill Hayes says:

    What surprised me most about the story was the revelation (to me at least) that the Rush Limpburg show is carried across the world by the American Forces Broadcasting servcies. So the US military is being fed a diet of Limpburg’s (sic) rhetoric and sometimes sedition. He spends so much of his time calling out the President on all sorts of issues – their Commander in Chief. How is this to motivate the forces if it’s OK to disrespect the high command?


    • It’s a very good point, Bill. I suppose it would be acceptable if it was balanced with other coverage of the POTUS, but then again, how can one “balance” the lying bile that pours from Limbaugh? What’s more, incredibly, his rubbish is repeated the world over on Fox stations.


    • And do I suppose you have re-christened him Limpburg deliberately? 😉 I understand the gentleman has a passing acquaintance with erectile disfunction medication, no?


  2. Limbaugh is carried on Free Radio rather than subscription radio. Potus is for the most part, like other Left leaning stations carried on subscription radio, thus the lack of balance.

    Limbaugh has no need to tell the truth, by his own admission last month, he is an entertainer. This was his way of putting himself on the same platform as Bill Maher, this way he did not have to hold himself to a standard of Truth-telling. This way also, he could weasel out of the admission he holds any sway over Rethugs or the Party itself.


    • Hmmm. Only in a country with libel laws as piss-weak as the dear old US of A could he possibly get away with it.


    • Bill Hayes says:

      What you need over there is some broadcasting regulation.

      Recently one our shock jocks (although not a million miles near what you guys have) called people idiots for voting for the Labour Party. he shrieked it on air in a political phone in. he was off the air within 12 hours and has not been heard of since despite 20 years of broadcasting history.

      Murdick and the like want de-regulation in our broadcasting so they can peddle hate and lies to us. We don’t want it.


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