Even I take a photo occasionally

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Popular Culture et al
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OK, Dear Reader, of what is this a photo? (I actually wrote “what is this a photo of?” originally until I heard Winston Churchill bellowing in my ear “Never use a preposition to end your sentences with!” and rapidly corrected it.) OK, thinking caps on …


OK, so what's this?

Hmmmm ..... *ponders*


  • Is it some strange marking or pattern on a South American plain, amazingly only visible from space?
  • Is it the latest brilliant work from a yet-to-be-discovered Aboriginal artist?
  • Is it a series of goatherder’s paths high in the un-mapped wilderness of the Himalayan foothills?


What say you, D.R?

Actually, it’s the tracks left in a rockpool at Point Leo in Victoria, Australia, from some sea worm or sea slug which has now left the building.

Camera: very old battered iPhone

Shutter setting: whatever, it only has one

Light: Australian autumn sunshine – glorious day

Copyright? Nah, bugger it, go for your life. It makes a great desktop wallpaper. Feel free to nick it.

Lots of love, Wellthisiswhatithink. xox

PS Yes, it’s been a good day, thank you. Meetings should get cancelled more often.


Real Australian sea slugs

These are real Australian sea slugs. Aren't they pretty? Was it this type of sea slug in the rock pool I photographed? Not a bloody clue. Does it matter? Top to bottom: sea slug species Hypselodoris bennetti, Chromodoris loringi and Chromodoris hunteri.


  1. Fascinating… and extraordinarily beautiful!


  2. Ah, my guess was that it was the latest effort by the Republican state reps to draw new congressional districts here in Pennsylvania. The state Supreme Court invalidated the previous one because it was so blatantly partisan and gerrymandered.


  3. […] across this collection of photos of sea slugs – thanks Yahoo – I wanted to share them. As you may recall, Dear Reader, sea slugs interest me. What can I tell you? Everyone’s gotta have a hobby […]


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