I am indebted to my good mate Sean Carter for alerting me to this superb example of the genre, which appeared somewhere in Hampshire, UK. Your intrepid reporter is tracking down the provenance as we speak and will report back. The guilty parties must be named, the public has a right to know! *grins*

Er. As Sean so gleefully replied, “Not ‘arf!”

UPDATE: As this link to the Daily Mirror reveals, it was in none other than my beloved Southampton FC matchday programme! I trust someone got a slapping.

I mean think about it, someone supposedly intelligent has written that, that’s got through an advertising committee, the client, the sub editors, the editor. I mean, wtf?

Matelots will be queuing up at the docks, you mark my words. I trust the young lady concerned is well prepared. Sheesh.

Wild, racy Southampton. My old home town. Honestly, who knew?

The other Advertising F*** Ups we’ve spotted this year, in case you missed ’em.

The world’s stupidest billboard placement: http://wp.me/p1LY0z-gX

Not the holiday anyone would really want: http://wp.me/p1LY0z-hJ

Stores abusing innocent shoppers: http://wp.me/p1LY0z-j8

I have no doubt they’ll keep coming in.

We’ll have to have a poll at the end of the year as to which one is the absolute worst, and publish the results worldwide, “pour encourager les autres” as the French used to say when they would shoot someone for cowardice in the World War 1 trenches.

  1. That’s pretty bad – shows how important it is to just do a last minute sanity check before anything goes out!


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  3. Pat A says:

    That is so awful I can’t even laugh – the poor girl!


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