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I get so irritated with the smug, self-satisfied, careless commentary I see on this so-called News channel. And for Fox News, you could read the entire current field of Republican Party Presidential candidates, and a whole heap of commentators who should know better, too, who have all replaced incisive analysis and creative ideas with thoughtless dog-whistle popularism.

Former Republican heroes like Dwight D Eisenhower, who left Roosevelt’s New Deal pretty much intact, remember, must be turning in their graves at the current state of the American right.

For the record, and we should say it long and loud, poverty is not the fault of the Government, or of the poor. It is the fault of a system which is fundamentally unwieldy, that lurches from over-spending to under-spending, driven by fear and not rationalism, and also veers between mindless, greed-fuelled private credit expansion to a capital strike. (Oh yes, business and investors strike too, not just unions and workers.)

One thing and one thing alone will rescue America’s economic standing in the world, and that is innovation – like the innovation that led to the mass production of motor vehicles, or flight, or telecommunications, or advanced mining techniques, or the micro-chip, or intuitive computing – leading to enhanced trade in terms favourable to the US.

America needs to stop echoing past glories and knuckle down. And blaming the weakest in their society for the laziness and ineptitude of the strongest is not only cruel and unfair, it is pointless.

Innovation. Everything else – everything – is moving the deck chairs around on the Titanic.

  1. Ruth says:

    Well said. I’m American. The first thing I’d like to say is my mom, bless her heart, is a huge fan of Fox News et al, and she should know better. But since she is now 91 years old, there is no talking to her about politics so I don’t. As for America’s economic woes, I think people need to give up on big business and start their own businesses. If there aren’t any jobs to be had, the best thing to do is invent one.And I love your line about moving chairs around on the Titantic, can I quote you?


    • Thanks very much for both reading and commenting, Ruth. Yes, well, I agree: I think your Mom is entitled to believe anything she wants at 91 – any chance she could forget to vote in November? đŸ™‚ And I agree with you very much about the role of small business. The best possible way to revive an economy is to let the excitement bubble up from below.

      Anyhow, feel free to quote the article and share the link, and thanks again for your support.


  2. Bill Hayes says:

    Politicians take money from the rich and votes from the poor, promising to protect each against the other!


  3. Andrew Metcalfe says:

    Nice idea… the only thing is that America is still the most innovative society on the planet. Next?


  4. Bill Hayes says:

    Hey Stephen, drop over to my blog, there’s something there that I think might tidkle your fancy.


  5. Well done and you have as usual identified a large part of the problem. America continues to rest on her laurels. The whole idea of American Exceptionalism, so critical to the Right Wing storyline is rapidly being exposed as a lie. The problem is most don’t want to know it, accept it or hear it. We don’t get to keep the Exceptional Crown if we don’t continue to produce!


  6. Bill Hayes says:

    America can Innovate all it likes, but when it is spending 400 billion dollars a year on Defense(war), which accounts for 43% of the world’s expenditure on armaments the US economy is going nowhere, in my view. The USA has spent in the region of 900 billion dollars over the last decade on two wars (that have lasted longer than WW2) that it had no business starting in the first place.

    The USA are now talking about changing their military stratergy by concentrating more on the Pacific theatre – presumably because China is now growing rapidly in strength. What are they going to do? Start Pushing Beijing around – I don’t think so. All China has to do is to demand it’s money back frrom the West and the game’s up.

    America feels she must deploy her 11 aircraft carrier groups around the globe where there is a perceived threat to American Interests. Most other countries make do with 1 aircraft carrier – but 11?

    A true American innovation would be to try a new foreign policy. One that didn’t rely soley on Petroleum to fuel it’s lifestyle. When people suggest a greener way of creating energy, cutting back on consumption and warn about the effects of global warming they are slapped down by the American establishment as being “liberal” or “communist” or and this is the one I love, “Un American”

    True innovation comes from a new way of looking at the problem.


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