Early contender for advertising F*** up of the year

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Humour, Popular Culture et al
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Sometimes one simply has to fall to one’s knees to give thanks for life’s little mercies.

Advertising f*** up of the year

You couldn't write this stuff. Well, someone did. But you know what I mean.

On the right, a billboard for a laudable new safety at work campaign, highlighting the distress when police turn up at a suburban home to tell a wife and her daughter that the husband, er, won’t be home from work. Ever.

On the left, a lap dancing club advertises its wares.

Ta-da! Oh joy, oh frabjous day.

(Thank you to Cole for the spot.)

  1. ha ha ha… we know where Daddy is!


    • mstoner15 says:

      This is a very sad and unfortunate situation. That is a Major FAIL in communication to put it mildly. I realize it is a very competitive market for BB ads but we don’t really know if the Marketing company was rep for both BB sites. Not always likely in this market but it brings to mind the weakness in Governance for both companies. I’ve worked at several large corporations that have a Governance team that protects the brand with an astounding respect for its customers and or stakeholders. The interpretation of verbiage for this campaign was obviously never presented to one who knows the Do’s and Don’ts of advertising. I have to question the integrity of the brand for not stepping up to how critical the role of governance is. Thank You for sharing this.


  2. Well at least daddy isn’t dead!


  3. SeanC says:

    Billboard FAIL


  4. Mark Walker says:

    only in Australia!


  5. bmoreyce says:

    i have driven past this a few times, and the Spearmint Rhino sign is a permanent board which has been there for at least 3 years. the other billboard was just….conveniently placed…


  6. cvroger says:

    it’s freakishly funny |o| !!


  7. Pat A says:

    Gloriously inept!


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