Found a great poem – enjoy! (It’s not even one of mine.)

Posted: December 21, 2011 in Popular Culture et al
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As many people will know, I am a poet. Well, I am a professional writer who writes poetry to keep himself sane while the other stuff pays the bills, let’s put it that way.

Occasionally other poets “friend” me, here on WordPress – incidentally, when did to “friend” someone, as opposed to befriend them, become an acceptable verb, by the way? – and one person whose work I admire has just posted a real corker. Made me laugh out loud, which is a sign of a great comic poem, using comic in the true sense, which is to say a bittersweet, wry, askance look at life which reveals something about our essential humanity, which this work does in spades.

read more here:

And well done, rbh. 🙂


she said,
I’ve seen it all before,
but never presented
quite that much.

which made me smile,
and after a while
I said,
it is not for me
for whom the bell tolls,
or the toll bridge rolls.

to which she said,
I’m going shopping.

to which I said,
a little less shopping
will bring you
in touch with yourself.

to which she said,
I’ve been touched enough.
I’m going shopping.




  1. Isn’t it a cracker? Witty and sad and knowing and gentle. Pass it on.


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