Loads of people enjoyed my blog on the lunatic Qantas twitter campaign that caused the benighted Australian airline so much public embarrassment. Now, as further evidence of the reach of social media, a New Zealander tells me via a University alumni website in the UK, about this genuinely brilliantly written and laugh out loud funny piss take.


Bravo whoever did it. And once more, thumbs down to the idiots at Qantas who think it’s a smart idea to launch a social media campaign just after grounding their airline and leaving tens of thousands of people stranded all over the world, in the middle of a brutal industrial dispute, and when their standing in Australia is only a little higher than serial axe murderers.

My original story is here, for those wanting more background.


Can you imagine what the conversation was like between the Generation “X” marketing manager who didn’t realise what his Generation “Y” social media person was doing? They should both, of course, be sacked instantly, given an open ticket to anywhere in the world and told to get seriously lost. But don’t hold your breath. This is Qantas we’re talking about.

  1. This bit of script has been rolled out and subtitled for every seeming cause of outrage known to man.

    finds out Battlefield 3 is better than MW3 http://youtu.be/kArdTZEvFYA
    MJ is dead: http://youtu.be/hu3Q6S-ed_g
    Not accepted into Hogwarts http://youtu.be/qM5f_gZT06c

    Qantas almost lost their ‘never had a fatal accident’ designation in Singapore with the A-380 incident. Their systemic ignorance was almost fatal.

    There is a guy here in the UK who produces a weekly newlsetter Airline Executive Travel Business Review you might find an interesting resource. http://www.aerbt.co.uk/

    All best.


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