Photos of the things people put up their bottoms. No, really.

Posted: November 26, 2011 in Popular Culture et al
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iPod in bottom

An iPod in your bottom. I mean, that can happen, right? You fall unexpectedly onto the couch, you just happen to be naked, the iPod is there, it, er, goes right in, accidentally, um ...

Yup, I’m serious. And if this post doesn’t garner more hits for me than even Snooki’s tits and the groovy French condom ad, I will just go to the foot of our stairs and sulk.

And it’s a serious piece of research. And it’s on a serious world-leading blog site. There are loads more crazy examples here, and actually quite an interesting story. Spectacles? I mean, those could break, man! So if you’ll pardon the pun, just open up:

:and enjoy the nonsense. Hey, listen, HuffPost is big and credible, right? So you can’t criticise me for re-posting this stuff to all you serious people. So there.

(I didn’t know that ER doctor was going to publicise my x-ray, though. I mean, privacy issue or what?)

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