Online retailing continues to explode

Posted: November 24, 2011 in Business Management, Popular Culture et al
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Online shopping explodes

Online shopping explodes; thankfully the retailers say they're ready, so the worldwidewait might not be as bad as it used to be ... here's hoping.

Stick “Going Mobile” by The Who on (Who’s Next was the album, if I recall correctly) and read this very helpful and interesting review of the efforts major search engines and online shopping providers are making for the continuing explosion in online retailing.

Now if I could just read what’s on my iPhone screen, I’d be right.

I feel an iPad2 coming on. Stop me, mother.

Of course if anyone wanted to give me one so I could blog about using it all the time … no, no, journalistic integrity would prevent such an arrangement.

*Fit of violent coughing*

  1. Yolly you’ll need a separate keypad if you want to use the ipad for lots of typing. My recommendation is a keypad inside a cover.


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