Lieutenant John Pike walks up and down the line spraying students in the face.jpg

LIeutenant John Pike walks up and down the line spraying students in the face

Look at this Wikipedia report, or google “deaths from pepper spray” and click on a few links.

Then watch – you really should – this truly shocking footage of police in California ruthlessly using pepper spray on sitting, peaceful, non violent protestors.

(Courtesy of Yahoo7)

Then reflect on the fact that any of of these protestors – you, a friend, your son or daughter, wife, husband, brother or sister – could die, for sitting in a road. For expressing a widely held opinion in a peaceful manner. For standing up for what they believe in.

Then remember that this is not footage of the violence used to counter the civil disobedience of the 1960s which aimed to racially de-segregate America, although it appears these thugs of policement have learned nothing in the last fifty years, and nor has the country.

Remember also, this is in happening in what is supposed to be the world’s greatest democracy.

Then reflect on the fact that equally violent scenes have been seen in many other places around the world, including my home of Melbourne, Australia.

We are on the slippery slope, and fascism lies at the bottom of it. This lunacy MUST stop, or these protests will go underground and turn violent, as in the late 60s and 70s. The Weathermen. Baader-Meinhoff. Wreaking havoc, and provoking yet more repressive responses.

So: any ideas on how to explain to these blockhead police and their political-economic masters that these people are behaving in line with the truest traditions of what we are actually supposed to value in the West? The very principles of free association, free speech, and the right to protest that their friends and siblings go to war and die to protect?

Your thoughts on how to stop this before it gets worse – or someone gets killed?

Oh, and if you’re a policeman reading this – or one of their masters – listen to what the crowd is chanting.

“Shame on you.” And more importantly, “The whole world’s watching.”

This may well be the “Kent State” moment of the whole “Occupy” movement. Well did Gandhi say “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Yes, we are watching. And we will remember. We know you are: did you expect, as you walked forward, Lieutenant John Pike, that you were about to become one of the most loathed and castigated individuals on the planet? Or did your colleagues?

Be warned: those using violence to break up peaceful democratic protest will be brought to account, sooner or later. Syria. Libya. Egypt. And now California. Only the degree of violence is different – until, of course, one of these young people dies.

  1. Scott says:

    beginning with what we know, the protesters faed to obey lawful orders to disburse and police were called to remove them. Police then used non lethal force to restore order, i. e. Pepper spray. There plan was not thought out, poorly executed. And had the affect of antagonizing and escalating the situation.
    The violators (Protestors) must start accepting responsibility for themselves. There is certainly risk and the police must be forewarned that the movement leaders would lime nothing better than to sacrifice the lives of college students for their cause (socialism).
    OWS please stop harassing those of us who have to go to work everyday to support our families just because you refuse to labor lime we do.


  2. Rohan Gaiswinkler says:

    So Scott, to you that which is lawful is right and that which isn’t is wrong? Sounds like a child’s logic to me. The protestors *are* taking resposibility; they are standing against a political system that is socialist if you happen to be very rich and capitalist for everyone else. We live in a world where instigating fraudulent financial instruments to rip-off unwary investors, and ultimately taxpayers, to the tune of billions and billions of dollars is not a crime… But where peaceful civil disobedience justifies brutal police assault according to you. You’re fooling yourself. You are not one of the 1% so why are you one their side?


    • I think this is an important point, Rohan. It is the huge difference between the legal right to protest and the scale of the response that concerns me mightily. We seem to have become incredibly intolerant to peaceful civil disobedience and learned nothing.


  3. Richard Ember says:

    I spent 20 years educating my children that, if they sat in a road, it would be highly likely that they would die. I also told them about trespass. That was my job and I did it. Successfully, it would seem.

    The Occupy is a wonderful opportunity missed. It has been taken over by the usual suspects, such as the trade unions, the anarchists, the ‘no to cuts’ brigade and the usual nutballs. Not one Bank or Politician (the real architechts of today’s problems) has been touched. It should also be noted that neither Wall Street nor the London Stock Exchange took any bail out money. Nor did St Paul’s Cathedral for that matter.

    My own opinion is that, far from representing the 99%, this rag, tag and bobtail collection is just a bunch of nutters who need to go and get a job. If it takes a face full of pepper spray to wake them up then so be it.

    I am, this morning, wearing a red pullover. It comes from dye and not my bleeding heart.


    • Yes, well, a predictable tirade, Richard, which I note as usual ignores the entire point of the article, which is the remote but real prospect that such outrageous police action could actually result in accidental but avoidable death. You consider that a risk worth taking to move some peaceful teenagers off a street, do you?


  4. Richard Ember says:

    If they are stupid enough to sit there.

    Here’s an idea. Blog about them sitting in public places, closing churches and stopping people going about their lawful business.



    • Richard, do you and I not have friends and acquaintances fighting and risking their lives in places like Afghanistan to PROTECT their right to peacefully protest without having their lives put at risk? Or is the “War on Terror” just a war to make the world safe for irresponsible Wall Street wankers, er, bankers?


  5. Dulce Tisor says:

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