They said it wouldn’t end when they murdered Troy Davis, and it hasn’t.

Posted: September 25, 2011 in Political musings
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Where will it end? Will the outrage simply peter out over time? Or are we seeing the beginning of a mass movement to end the death penalty in America once more? I would very much appreciate your opinions.

How sad to see the police in NY reacting with typical brutishness. Has anything changed since 1968?

  1. kevin white says:

    Would like to think that State murder will be an issue in the Presidential election but I suspect the Democrats won’t have the nerve to make it so.


  2. Mr. Derereaux’s article, while filled with details, is also filled with hearsay. Many of his quotes are qualified with “says” and “claimed.” Living in the NY area my whole life has taught me that many of it’s residents are hypocrites who support or condemn the police when it suits them. I read a lot of quotes from people stating their vital statistics (I weigh this much and I’m this tall) as if that’s supposed to be a consideration. Imagine being a police officer in the middle of an unruly crowd. If someone is perceived as a threat for whatever reason, will you stop to assess the relative danger to yourself and others? What if this person is on drugs or has a weapon?

    Protests are completely legal and a vital part of the democratic process. Another important part of the democratic process is following the laws of the land. Peaceful marches are, believe it or not, usually approved and permitted by the City. They are not allowed to block traffic or occupy private property or obstruct the normal operations of the city. That’s where the line is between peaceful and unlawful. If a “peaceful” protester took his message to the streets and a car was forced to swerve out of his way, thereby causing an accident that injures or kills innocent bystanders, the response would be to condemn the police for not doing enough to control the crowds. Do some police officers overreact? Probably. Are they the villains of the state? No.


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