Jon Stewart for President?

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Political musings, Popular Culture et al
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Jon Stewart nails it

A one-man whirlwind of political sanity - and laugh-out-loud funny too, to boot.

I watched The Daily Show on TV last night with my daughter. A truly inspired piece entitled “World of Class Warfare”, after billionaire Warren Buffet was accused of class warfare for daring to suggest that the uber-rich in America should pay their fair share of income tax.

Sadly, I can’t link to it here, because all the streams of it I can find are only available to US viewers – when someone gets it up on YouTube or somewhere that the whole world can see it, please, someone, tell me.

This was the most pertinent and powerful piece of political satire I have ever watched in any country. I trust Obama and his team were watching. Bingo, next election won, right there. If Stewart and his writers can get it right so easily, why the hell can’t the Democrats?

It was also laugh out loud, tears-in-the-eyes hilarious. I strongly recommend you try and find a stream you can watch.

Oh, the kicker? If you raise the marginal tax rate on the top 2% of the richest people in America, you can raise about US$700 Billion … go some way to helping out on Government debt – instead of cutting deep into core services – and they would hardly even notice the take. Yet Fox News and other assorted loonies have jumped on this and called it disgraceful, arguing that the poor should pay more income tax – or any, if they don’t even earn enough to pay some now, well, then, simply get them to pay some.

Stewart points out that to raise a similar sum from America’s poor, the state would have to take half of their TOTAL wealth (not just slug them with income tax). Yup, that’s half their pay, their savings, their homes, their food, their cars … etc.

The man is a national treasure. I wish we had someone of his satirical standing in Australia.

  1. Amen. It’s a shame that people like Stewart or Colbert or even Bill Maher actually dispense the bulk of intelligent political conversation and discourse in this country but they do it on small networks instead of a much bigger scale.


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