I think this ad is a dreadful mistake. What do others think?

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Popular Culture et al
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Ä screen shot from the Pepsi and Doritos ad

Is this REALLY the most intelligent thing these people can dream up?

Doritos and Pepsi, what were you thinking?

A TV ad that starts with a man dressed as a fireman delivering a “very important message about fire safety” … telling us “we are currently experiencing a period of very high fire danger”?

So just exactly how did you think this would go down in Victoria?

And no, I could care less that you let us in on the joke that it’s about “hot” Doritos and “cooling” Pepsi once we get into the guts of the ad.

You see, all you lot up there in Sydney: my wife, daughter, and my daughter’s best friend were trapped up-country in the Black Saturday fires while I waited helplessly in Melbourne. Luckily they survived with little more than 24 hours of deep distress to show for the experience, after one of the most frightening nights of their – and my – life. Dozens of others weren’t so lucky.

So, everyone at the client companies, and everyone at Clemenger BBDO Sydney, how exactly did you think your little “joke”would make us feel down here?

(Oh, and by the way, as an aside, do you intend running it during the fire season, too? When official warnings might be going out?)

You see, by the time we were into the ad, the traumatic dread and fear of that day and night – ever present in most Victorians’ minds, I’ll be bound – had come rushing back. It was as if no time had passed.

So thank you. Thank you so very, very much. People can judge the ad for themselves here:


And I shall be avoiding Doritos and Pepsi products in the future. I suspect a fair few other Victorians will too.

  1. I have seen the ad only once and whilst I was not consciously thinking of the consequences as per your terrible experience, I thought it was just a poor ad (perhaps I had latent thoughts along the lines of your experiences) but for whatever reason, the ad did nothing for me at any level – seemed like a bad example of clumsy misdirected product placement to use one product to ‘douse’ another – ‘what is that supposed to do?’ I wondered when I saw it. (Ouch! I hope no-one critiques me like that!).


  2. Tash says:

    Glad to say I haven’t seen this ad but it sounds stupid and tasteless to me. Even aside from Black Saturday, I don’t like the idea of playing with safety warnings as it can cause stress in some and complacency in others (see this ad enough and when a real fireman says it’s fire season people won’t listen) – it is socially irresponsible.

    No doritos or pepsi for me either.


  3. patrick says:

    you aussies are such a sensitive lot. go organize a boycott flame broiled burgers or something.

    patrick in michigan


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