The Perils Of Marketing

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Business Management
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Last week the internet ran hot with photos of Cathay Pacific employees in “compromising situations” on board one of their aircraft.

You won’t find the pics re-posted here, although a cursory web search turns them up very easily. Allegedly.

But as Yahoo reported:  “Although the airline remains evasive about the photos, rumour has it that they showed a stewardess in the airline’s well-known red uniform performing oral sex on a pilot in the cockpit of one of their planes.”

Rumour has it, indeed. Methinks if Blind Freddie can find the photos, Yahoo’s news team probably did too.

The couple are, apparently, a couple. And no one knows how the photos from the pilot’s phone found their way into the Chinese language media. You have to feel sorry for them, especially as they’ve now been sacked. After all, no one has claimed (yet) he was actually flying the plane at the time.

Sometimes you have to laugh though. Apparently the scandal broke just before the airline was about to launch a new marketing campaign with the slogan, “The team who go the extra mile to make you feel special”.

Odds on the ad agency being briefed to come up with a new slogan? Hmmm? Anyone?

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